Parent Volunteers

     Parent Support for our Paradise Schools

Volunteers Make a Difference!
Volunteer Coordinator, Danielle D. Persons, is available on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. If you have any questions or concerns email Danielle at or contact by phone at 623-546-7225.
Volunteer Requirements:
All volunteers must submit a completed PEC volunteer packet prior to volunteering on campus. For safety reasons, all volunteers working consistently with or around students must have a fingerprint background check annually unless they have a valid Fingerprint Clearance Card. If you already have a Fingerprint Clearance Card, submit a copy to be added to your volunteer packet.
Field trip chaperones must be fingerprinted and approved 6 weeks prior to a scheduled field trip or have a copy of their Fingerprint Clearance card in their file. The Arizona Department of Public Safety’s processing fee for volunteers is $20.00 for the first time and then $5.00 each following year.
Please contact Danielle Persons at 623-546-7225 or by email at to schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted or if you have any questions concerning these new requirements.
We appreciate your volunteer services here at Paradise Schools!